Why AltitudeX


Using cutting-edge industrial technology, we are able to achieve precision down to cm, if needed.

Geodetic Engineers
& Computer Scientists

AltitudeX is founded by engineers and scientists from top PH universities who are brought together by the mission of creating new and cutting-edge aerial solutions.

Fast &

Using new UAV technology, we are able to achieve all of this at the fraction of the cost you would get from traditional methods and surveying companies.

About Us

AltitudeX Aerial Solutions, Inc., simply known as AltitudeX, is a 100% Filipino-owned technology startup consisting of a roster of highly-skilled CAAP licensed drone pilots, geodetic engineers and computer scientists. Our mission is to be able to provide fast, reliable and cost-effective services through innovations in UAV technology in the Philippines. Our roster of top Filipino talent are able to provide a wide range of services from aerial mapping to videography.


AltitudeX tailors our services based on the specific needs of each and every client, making sure we are able to provide their request with the promise of reliability and extreme precision. We’ve got you covered – whether it be an aerial mapping project for your construction project in Mindanao to shooting a video for your island development in Visayas.

Aerial Mapping

We are able to produce aerial maps of your property in a timeframe once impossible with traditional surveying methods – and a fraction of the cost. Through post-processing, we are also able to produce 3D models of your property and optionally provide analysis from our team of licensed geodetic engineers.

Construction & Real Estate

Our fleet of drones are able to provide detailed and precise documentation for your construction projects. We are capable of providing detailed orthomosaics and render 3D models of your property.