Company Culture

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to benefit clients by providing quality valuation and advisory services driven by integrity, innovation, and passion.

We envision ourselves to be the center of excellence in the industry.


Our Approach

Our approach is simple, capitalizing on a complementary blend of experienced professionals with fresh minds while expanding efficiency with the use of modern technology. AVISO’s approach enables the group to adapt quickly to the modern world’s volatile climate, shifting from one market environment to another.

AVISO takes pride in creating an atmosphere that nurtures an exceptionally driven and motivated team. In turn, our professionals are more involved and committed. By working with us, our clients share our culture, allowing an enriching exchange of ideas: the unique AVISO experience.

Galaw (Pro-activity). In Filipino, this word means, to move or act upon. In these fast-changing times, being pro-active is a core value of ours. Galaw means not only moving quickly, but going the extra mile when the need arises.

Committed (We get things done). Our people’s commitment to deliver fuels our company’s success. However, we don’t only get things done; we make sure our service is great.

Involved (No man is an island). We believe that team work makes us better. CCGA established a working relationship between professionals that enables everyone in the Company to be open-minded and receptive to new ideas. This enables us to capitalize on the strengths and talents of our people.

Guiding Values


Our firm implements an on-going compliance program to ensure that our reports adhere to the latest valuation (IVS) and accounting standards (IFRS). Our internal processes foster a regime of objectivity, which is an ideal we attach a premium to.


We believe in constant improvement. This value allows us to realize opportunities by being mindful of potential innovations.



We take pride in producing high quality deliverables attained through performance, responsiveness, and overall quality of services provided.


Clients first…